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            • 類型:石材養護 - 粘膠

            • 原產地:武漢

            • 規格:各種規格

            • 供應能力:不限

            • 最小訂單量:最小起

            *新一代改良環保產品,具有無毒、滲透力強、效果持久等諸多優良特性,加光保護云石面效果亮麗,一經使用持久增強石面光度。因使用天然的珍貴原材料造就了高光澤亮度和透明性及打磨時的光滑性,并具有顯著的著色效果,在炎熱的環境下依然呈糊狀不會變成水狀。使用時先將要處理的云石抹凈及干燥,用干布將加光蠟涂上,再用細鋼絲棉或絨布打磨至光亮即可。顏色有透明,紅、黑、綠、黃等。產品適放在陰涼通風的地方,避免陽光暴曬。包裝容量0.35公斤,1.2公斤,6公斤,40公斤。 The up-to-date and improved product possesses many choice characteristics such as good percolation force, persistent effects etc. The polished protection will make the surface of granular limestone bright and beautiful and persistently increase the surface smoothness. Because it is made of natural and rare raw materials, this product has the advantages of high luster and brightness, good transparency and gliding property when polished. In addition, it has remarkable tinctorial effect and even in torrid environment it will still keep pasty state and won't turn into the liquid state. When it is used, first clean and dry the disposed granular limestone and then spread on it the polished cere; after that polish it with thin steel wool or flannelette cloth until it brightens up. The colors of it are as follows: transparent, red, black, green, and yellow.&#160;&#160;The product should be kept in cool and ventilated environments and prevented from insolation. The bale capacity is 0.35kg, 1.2kg, 6kg, and 40kg.
            ¥ 詢 價